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Hi, in this post you can find my future projects about this blog and (maybe) about next commissions by me. Right now i’m kinda busy with work and private life, but i still love hentai, so keep visiting my blog, please ^_^

-re-check of all the links in the right column;
-post about [Shiwasu no Okina] Shining Musume errors and timeline.

(I don’t know if i’ve moneys to commission a whole tank…right now, NO!!!  Maybe someday, somewhere, someone…)
1) https://r304.wordpress.com/2011/09/30/ryoh-zoh-love-to-like-raw/
2) https://r304.wordpress.com/2011/03/26/i-want-to-commission/

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death and all his friends + 100

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Yeah, i’m dead…

this blog is really useless, even if i think to update some stuffs everyday i really don’t have the time. But i’m not properly dead, at least talking about hentai. I still buy original hentai manga published in Italy, i still check e-hentai everyday and i still download fresh new RAW and/or translated hentai mangas. Even more, i’ve become addicted to hentai anime too more than in the past…

So it’s just the time to update this damn blog, check all the links with new translator group and maybe return to commission something…i really miss “talking” with some good old friends, like tonigobe, biribiri, oliver, nemui, afrothunda, fuke, H9E and many mores…
btw,  my collection it’s still growing up ^_^


edit: 100th post…thanks to all the followers !!!


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Ehi guys, right now this blog seems dead right ? Well i’m pretty active on twitter too, so if you want you can follow me there. Btw i’m still a great fan of hentai, and even if i’ve few time to read whole translated manga, i’m very happy when i found some new and fresh artist. Like these two (Raw available on e-hentai):

[Ootake Hisakazu] Mahou Shoujo Milky☆Rufina (COMIC Megastore-H 2012-03)

Really good and hot story with nice art and a funny ending. It’s a groupsex with one boy and one girl…yeah, it’s not a typo ^_^ This seems the only story from this author, but i really hope to see something else from him.

[Kaida Bora] Akiyoshi san Ganbaru (Canopri comic 2012-05)

This author just has two previous shorts translated in english (by the awesome SLING and  4dawgs&FUKE). Nice and “plastic” art with big tits, vanilla sex and superb facial expressions, are the marks of this author. In this story we have…well i’d like to copy a comment i found on e-hentai about this story: “…innocent girl get raped by fat dude, girl loves it and becomes his sex slave”. Yeah, the plot sure isn’t something new or original, but the art is top notch.

Well, both recommended (and i hope both get translated soon).

What a beautiful (hentai) day…

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Yesterday was a really good hentai-related day for me…Why ? Judge by yourself…

And plus, raw of [Ryohzoh] GKGT manga is available.

I love this artist !!!



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Lately i’m ejoying a lot downloading and read (well, not properly “read”) RAW manga instead of ENGLISH translated manga. It’s like a childish side of me about discovering new authors, new drawings, and the feeling of thinking “woah, this one is really awesome, really worth of the download”.

But i’ve to say that, actually, there aren’t so many RAW surfacing the web. I mean, two-three year ago, there was a big upload of RAW 1-2 times a month, with a lot of authors and almost the 80% of monthly hentai releases in Japan (tankoubons). Now the situation is pretty different, imho.

I know that RAW business is illegal and etc. etc., so it’s why i’m purchasing every h-manga published here in Italy to support hentai authors and publishers, and feel less guilty when i download a raw. Ah, i’m really happy to inform you that, according to a recent interview with major hentai publisher in Italy (Magic Press), hentai market is going really well.

Another feature i really miss a lot, is Nemui‘s checklist about hentai tankoubon released in Japan every month. I’ve found this site http://0akfbds3yybs.seesaa.net/ but it’s not same level of Nemui’s.

My dream is if Afro Thunda‘s blog or someone else (Yoroshii, biribiri, LWB, others) can provide us this kind of post, or if someone can link me a cool site where i can check hentai releases.

Uhm, to end this post i’d like suggest you this RAW manga, until now available only in chinese (on e-hentai), that seems really cool
[Miyano Kintarou] Hentai yamamoto san

Outing of an hentai mangaka…

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Some days ago, there was an interesting conversation with my friend protozeloz on Twitter about hentai artists that work on regular mangas (mostly in action genres).

Well, my favourite is absolutely Oh! Great (Itoh Ogure), author of  Tenjou Tenge and Air Gear (and others, Himiko Den, Majin Devil…). I really likes these two mangas, OG is really good with character design  of bizarre weapons and, of course, with hot and sexy girls. Cool. Even if i think OG is more famous about his normal works than his hentai works (i own all of them in paper/italian versions and they are totally awesome !!!)

( Tomita Mari, imho the hottest girl in Air Gear)

Second one is Shouji Satou…Whooooo ? C’mon, he’s the famous INAZUMA from DIGITAL ACCEL WORKS circle. One of the boobs gods, he sure draw some of the sexiest girl on the hentai world, i love when he represents girls climaxing or some bukkake scenes. Well now he’s super famous with three normal manga, Fire Fire Fire !, Triage X and the most famous, HighSchool of the Dead. I own in italian Triage X and HSOFD and i really likes both of them, the first for a spectacular character design (masked Sayo Hitsugi is fantastic), and the second for the overall feelings (epic zombie apocalypse / boobies / action).

(left is HSOTD, right is TX…overall, is pure girl power !!!)

Sadly still unpublished here in Italy, is Takeda Hiromitsu (hope you remember the fantastic tankoubon Tsundero!), author of the manga Maken-ki!. This one seems really interesting, with a lot of girls and obviously fan service, but with some cool battles too. Hope it will published in Italy very very soon.

( i don’t know M-k characters, but i hope to do it very soon O_O)

There are sure others mangaka, like Boichi, an author that Oliver from hentairules really likes. He’s the author of many normal manga, for example Sun Ken Rock (action manga, there’s translated in Italy, but i don’t buy it). On the hentai side there’s the hooooooooooot Lovers in winters, a manga i fapped about a lot of times really well drawned and with some hot sex scenes. There is something by Cuvie too (Dorothea) but i don’t like it (honestly, i’m not a big fan of her also in hentai…too vanilla stories to me).

A glass of…

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next step: DISTANCE…

Just a little break…

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yeah, a little break into anime (hentai). I’m not a big fan of hentai animation, expecially when the series are poor animated and with a cheap character design, but there’re some i like A LOT, for example ANGEL BLADE saga. So in the past few weeks i just decided to focus on some hentai anime, like the ONI CHICHI series, HITOU MEGURI series and RINKAN CLUB. All of three are censored (and this is one of the main thing i hate about hentai anime).

ONI CHICHI is about incest(?) between fathers and daughters, there is some drug that make the girls all naughty and sluttish, and other things…well don’t focus on the storyline cause it’s not the main point of this anime. There is the first Oni Chichi (2 ep.), Oni Chichi 2 (2 ep., another different story), Oni Chichi Re-birth (1 ep.) and Oni Chichi Re-born (1 ep., maybe ongoing i dunno): character design is a bit on the lolicon side, but believe me the sex scenes are really good. Oni Chichi Re-birth is the best one, animation is good and there’s anal action. Airi, the main female protagonist, is really a little slut afar from the drug etc. etc.

Hitou Meguri (1 OAV, dropped) is about a female owner of a ryokan. The story is impossible to understand cause the serie was dropped after this first episode, but i really like the main female protagonist that seems to be a great B**CH !!! Gang rape in the end.
Well, after this OAV, there is a serie of two short episodes (15 min. each) that seems to be a sequel or an alternate set of the first one, named Hitou Meguri Kakure Yu. In this one, character design is at maximum levels, animation is really good, and the story seems to be really interesting but…yeah, after this two ep., also this serie is dropped. DAMN IT, WHAT THE FUCK ??? The girl here is even more B**CH than the other one, she tries to be kind and pure to her boyfriend, but instead she fucks like a crazy with a random guy. I found the sex scenes really hot, please watch this one.

In the end, RINKAN CLUB, 2 ep. ongoing. This serie has a great plot and good character design, but animation is really good in first ep. and different (i didn’t like it) on the second ep. Rape and mind break a go-go, if you like that genres watch it NOW !!!

Well, and now some little short news:
-i changed my header…great thanks to VAIZARD for helping me !!!
-still waiting AQUA BLESS from my library…ehi, a month late is not good. Expecially when your girlfriend wants to read it too !!!
-some days ago i was thinking about two great hentai manga that seems to be forgotten by their translators: HAKEN NO MUUKO-SAN by Tonigobe and MAID NO MITSUKO-SAN by Fated Circle…ehi guys, if you are reading this, please continue this two masterpieces !!!